Captured Writings

The following are original writings and photographs by Carmiella.

Glasgow, Scotland 2012

Glasgow, Scotland 2012

I believe in partial stories

I believe in fractured pieces

of memory

and rumor.

I doubt grandeur


It’s never so big,

It’s never so big.

It’s less and more than you fear, little one,

But mostly less.

Did you, the jellyfish, protect me from a worser fate?

Were you my painful guardians from the poisons of man?

Who fought over my martyrdom?

Was this my swearing in of protection to your pack?

If so, my gratitude is endless.

And if not, I still respect you deeply.

The scar you gave me across the back of my right writing hand

is the only tattoo I’ve ever wished to keep.

Please, body cells, and jellyfish protectors,

Guard my skin from healing.

May I keep your marking forever.

Denver, Colorado 2018

Denver, Colorado 2018

Denver, Colorado 2018

Denver, Colorado 2018

Art should speak while protecting.  

It should comment yet mask. 

To safen 

To make safe

That which needs be protected. 

To safen the innocence of all inner children.

Better through Art, than through living eyes 

To see or make 

violent blood baths of pixels 

rather than lost breathing daughters

rather than lost breathing sons 

rather than lost breathing beings of four legs, two, and none

to the bitterness of someone else’s cause.

Better to use imagination to fight. 

Strangle and unstrangle through conversation.

As you knit velvety revolutions,

That fabric your finger tips can’t dare help themselves from touching.