When The Little Engine Couldn't is an original children's book written by my brother, Ilan Salzberg, and co-illustrated by Katie Olson and myself, published this April, 2017.  Our story is a modern twist on the classic tale of The Little Engine That Could, promoting resourcefulness, creativity and self-reliance. I created the backgrounds by printing found material onto paper in a method called 'collagraph printmaking'.  Katie produced each character by cutting up pages of magazines.  Readers are invited to interact with the book as an I-Spy game by flipping through the pages back and forth, searching for the shapes and textures of found material in each image.  Answer key and reference images are located in the back of the book!

In our story, we imagine how children would respond to a scenario in which the outside resource which they rely upon, the train, stops coming to town and bringing them the food and toys to which they've grown accustomed.  The children in our story subsequently become so engaged by the joy of their journey and finding what they need around them that they forget that they were concerned by the missing train to begin with!


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