MORPHOS Digital Dome Artist Residency

In the Spring of 2018, I had the privilege of working as the Producer's Assistant for Denver Art + Technology Advancement’s annual MORPHOS Digital Dome Artist Residency. In this position, I helped the residency organizer, Ethan Bach, as he provided a platform for both international and American artists to become skilled in digital dome (planetarium) technology as it is adapted for the production of immersive art. During this residency, I formed a close connection with the inspirational artist, Elise Simard, from Montreal. Elise invited me to collaborate with her on her fulldome project and introduced me to the basics of animation. This piece was showcased in a group exhibition at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. 

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Denver Arts + Technology Advancement: Middle School Digital Photography

In the Spring and Fall of 2018, under the auspices of Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA), I taught two 8-week courses in Digital Photography for 6-8th graders at Grant Beacon Middle School. DATA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is Empowerment through Creative Technology. DATA's program, DATA Ed, provides K-12 education in creative technology for low income youth in Title 1 schools, such as Grant Beacon. In our class, we covered the history of the technology of photography, photography's effects on the art world, its modern contexts, and current professional options for photographers. We also covered composition, angles, effects, and post-editing. 

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Bialik-Rogozin School

In the Spring of 2017, I directed a trash-sketchbook project for the 8th-grade students in their Sustainability Class at Bialik-Rogozin School, a K-12 school in South Tel Aviv, Israel, which serves mainly refugee youth and the children of temporary foreign workers.  I collaborated with the teacher of the course to incorporate trash-sketchbooking directives into the curriculum. In this way, students learned about environmental issues while simultaneously engaging their own creativity and resourcefulness hands-on. Projects involved collaging trash, such as plastic bags and receipts, into books from in the school library's trash-pile.  

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Westwood Mural Project

In 2016, I was commissioned by Colorado Nonprofit, BuCu West, to design and coordinate a mural project for El Merendero Event Center with teens from Westwood neighborhood alongside teens from International CITY After-School Program for Refugee Youth in Aurora.  Together we used lace and cardboard from cereal boxes to create stencils for spray-painting the design onto the wall.

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FRESH BREAD: An Edible Collaboration

In March 2016, I worked with artist, Kim Morski, in partnership with the International CITY after-school program for refugee youth and Red Delicious Press in Aurora, Colorado, to create a unique and interactive community project for the Denver Month of Printmaking. The students were invited to create drawings of recipes from their home countries that were then screen printed with edible ink onto flatbread at a public event held at Red Delicious Press. The students also sold their own limited edition screen prints to raise money for the International CITY after-school program and Red Delicious Press. 

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When The Little Engine Couldn't

In Spring, 2016, I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign with my brother, Ilan Salzberg, and dear friend, Katie Olson for our original, sustainability-themed children's book, When The Little Engine Couldn't. For this project, I printed trash onto paper, through the collagraph printmaking method, to create the backgrounds for each spread.  Click on the link below for more information from our Kickstarter page!

International CITY

International CITY is an after-school program run by the Denver African Community Center for refugee youth. In the Spring of 2016, alongside several smaller art projects, I directed a mural project with the students on the wall of their computer room.  

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We Made This

We Made This is a social enterprise that works with women who are newly resettled refugees in Denver to help them become skilled artisans.  Through a three month training program, the women learn how to utilize a sewing machine to create a myriad of beautiful items.  The items are sold for profit for the women, and at the end of the program they each receive their own sewing machine in order to continue their work.  My contribution to the organization is to teach a weekly art class.  The goals of this class are to provide a free-form creative space with no wrong answers, to challenge the women to learn and develop their own aesthetic styles, and to establish a safe space for risk-taking and inventive problem solving.  We particularly focus on learning the printmaking methods of linocut and collagraph.   I have also worked with the women on printmaking projects for special events and holidays, such as Christmas Ornaments and Valentine's Day cards.   To see more of the women's work and to read their stories, visit:

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Sustainable Bolivia: Movimiento Sonrisa

In 2011, I spent a summer in Cochabamba, Bolivia volunteering at Viedma hospital creating art projects with patients in the children's wing.  The organization I volunteered with is called Movimiento Sonrisa, which works to bring volunteers to the hospital to connect with children whose parents are unable to visit often due to difficult economic situations and/or living long distances from the hospital.

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